「Take note that she not only provides the vocals, but also the composing and guitar. 」
Mayte 唱歌又吉他作曲。

Although alreadhy well-established as a solo cantaora, she resumed her facet as a singer for dance when she met bailaora Belén Maya in 1996, with whom she has toured the world with the works Mayte Martín + Belén Maya (since 1996) and Flamenco de Cámara (since 2003), winning international critical acclaim.

她們兩個 1996 年演了一陣子「Mayte Martín + Belén Maya 」,過了七年的 2003 年,又有靈感演了一個「Flamenco de Cámara
Are you planning to do another?

No, we’re not.」


At what level do the two of you see eye-to-eye?

「it was a case of hearing her and saying: this is the cante I want for my dance. It's something you know deep down inside. And she had the same feeling.」


「we agree about everything, although we end up arguing a lot. Every time we work together, we fight. In the company they say we're like Juanito Valderrama and Dolores Abril. 」
「我們在任何事情都互相同意,但最後我們也吵很多架。每 次我們一起工作,就吵架。舞團的人都說我們像是 junanito valderama 跟 dolores abril(KKBOX 有)」

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